Why the Name Change?

I changed my blog's name this weekend. It went from Concerning Motherhood to Her Life + Hormones. I decided to change the name because, to me, using the word "motherhood" in the title meant that all of my content would relate to being a mother in some way. And this would have been fine except [...]

Choosing a Narrative | Responding to Kate (Finding Cooper’s Voice)

Kate, of Finding Cooper's Voice, was talking about her family's recent experience at an apple orchard. It was a day of mixed emotions and different challenges and successes for their nine year old autistic son, Cooper. In the video, she gave two narratives about the day. Both were true. She told an upbeat version of [...]

Thoughts on the Coronavirus and the Possibility of Sending the Kids to School

How to feel about the President being sick with corona...It is unsettling because he is the leader of our country, but it also freaks me out because it makes the virus more real. I have tried to be calm for all this time about the whole thing, and just do what I know to do [...]


It all started when I referred to the Jaws of Life as the Jaws of Death, after witnessing a car accident two weeks ago with Stephen. We were on our way to pick Joshua up from work and the little kids were at home with Maggie (our twenty year old). Two cars hit right in [...]

The Sting of Autism “Paper Cuts” | Responding to Kate (Finding Cooper’s Voice)

Kate, of Finding Cooper's Voice, was recently doing an interview with a parent who has a kid on the spectrum. They were talking about all sorts of things, from the other parent's story to how their story compares to Kate's. It was a pretty typical conversation but then something was mentioned that really stood out [...]