Make the Pain STOP!! How is a Spinal Headache Treated?

I stayed at the hospital for two and a half days following my c-section with Elizabeth. The pain I experienced while I was there was indescribable. It was, simply put, debilitating. I did not experience the same thing after my cesarean with Isabella so I know that it’s not just the after-effects of that kind [...]

Is Breast Always Best? The 5 REAL Reasons I Breastfed (lol)

So, yes, I feel like breastfeeding my babies helped create a strong bond between us, and of course I enjoyed the experiences I had with each of them, however I definitely don't think that bottle feeding would have prevented our bonds. Just as having a natural birth can help you feel connected to your baby, [...]

8 Weird Pregnancy Things I’d Never Heard Of (Until They Happened to Me!)

Hi there. So, I've had five babies and therefore loads of different stories to share, lol. Here are eight things that I had happen during pregnancy which I'd never heard of until they were happening to me! Anterior placenta My fifth baby and yet my first time learning anything about the placenta's placement. Apparently, most [...]