The Sting of Autism “Paper Cuts” | Responding to Kate (Finding Cooper’s Voice)

Kate, of Finding Cooper's Voice, was recently doing an interview with a parent who has a kid on the spectrum. They were talking about all sorts of things, from the other parent's story to how their story compares to Kate's. It was a pretty typical conversation but then something was mentioned that really stood out [...]

Is Breast Always Best? The 5 REAL Reasons I Breastfed (lol)

So, yes, I feel like breastfeeding my babies helped create a strong bond between us, and of course I enjoyed the experiences I had with each of them, however I definitely don't think that bottle feeding would have prevented our bonds. Just as having a natural birth can help you feel connected to your baby, [...]

Simple Accommodations | Responding to Kate (Finding Cooper’s Voice)

Kate, of Finding Cooper's Voice, was talking about how much accommodations help families like hers (and mine) and how difficult it can be when those accommodations are denied. Simple things like allowing her and her husband to accompany their son to an appointment when right now, because of COVID, the limit is one parent. How [...]

What are High and Low Functioning Autism? (Parenting Kiddos with Asperger’s and PDD-NOS)

Okay, sorry. That title may be a bit misleading. I don’t know what it’s like for other people who are parenting kids on the spectrum, only what autism looks like here with my two. Let me start over, I have five kids. My first, Maggie, has some anxiety and overthinks in a major way but [...]

8 Weird Pregnancy Things I’d Never Heard Of (Until They Happened to Me!)

Hi there. So, I've had five babies and therefore loads of different stories to share, lol. Here are eight things that I had happen during pregnancy which I'd never heard of until they were happening to me! Anterior placenta My fifth baby and yet my first time learning anything about the placenta's placement. Apparently, most [...]