Thoughts on the Coronavirus and the Possibility of Sending the Kids to School

How to feel about the President being sick with corona...It is unsettling because he is the leader of our country, but it also freaks me out because it makes the virus more real. I have tried to be calm for all this time about the whole thing, and just do what I know to do [...]

Losing Health Insurance and Samuel’s Nine Year Checkup

Sooo, we lost our health insurance today because we weren't given the COBRA information/paperwork in time to sign up by the end of September (we could have gotten 18 more months!) He contacted the human resource person multiple times since the end of August and she only sent everything today - the cutoff was yesterday. [...]


It all started when I referred to the Jaws of Life as the Jaws of Death, after witnessing a car accident two weeks ago with Stephen. We were on our way to pick Joshua up from work and the little kids were at home with Maggie (our twenty year old). Two cars hit right in [...]

Make the Pain STOP!! How is a Spinal Headache Treated?

I stayed at the hospital for two and a half days following my c-section with Elizabeth. The pain I experienced while I was there was indescribable. It was, simply put, debilitating. I did not experience the same thing after my cesarean with Isabella so I know that it’s not just the after-effects of that kind [...]