The Instability of the Word “Autism” and Its Accompanying Diagnosis | Responding to Amy Lutz

Kate, of Finding Cooper's Voice, was talking with Amy Lutz whose twenty-one year old son, like her own son, is severely autistic. They were discussing how their boys aren't able to advocate for themselves and how they, the parents, have to advocate for them. Amy said she feels that "autism" is a very unstable term [...]

Beyond the Sea, The Shipping News, L.A. Confidential // Kevin Spacey Films

Recently, I chose three Kevin Spacey films that I have either never watched or it's been so long that I truly didn't remember if I had or hadn't. Here's what I thought of those films. BEYOND THE SEA (2004) This movie was interesting. There were things I liked and things that annoyed me, but overall [...]

Wearing NEW Clothes?! (Autism and Rigidity)

Elizabeth's most challenging area of behavioral rigidity (difficulty/inability to change or adapt) has always been choosing and wearing clothes. Using specific cups, bowls, and silverware are a close second but CLOTHES are definitely #1. At the age of two, she could not comfortably wear clothing at all. It was a battle every single day. The [...]

Why the Name Change?

I changed my blog's name this weekend. It went from Concerning Motherhood to Her Life + Hormones. I decided to change the name because, to me, using the word "motherhood" in the title meant that all of my content would relate to being a mother in some way. And this would have been fine except [...]