Why the Name Change?

I changed my blog’s name this weekend. It went from Concerning Motherhood to Her Life + Hormones.

I decided to change the name because, to me, using the word “motherhood” in the title meant that all of my content would relate to being a mother in some way. And this would have been fine except that over the last several weeks, I’ve realized that my interest in talking about pregnancy, babies, and childcare is significantly less than it used to be. This makes sense! I am done having children so my mind is moving on from the topics that it has been so deeply interested in for the last two decades.

Of course I still have kids (five of them), and motherhood is obviously a big part of my life, but I have felt like my blog’s content is only sometimes going to be directly related to being a mom, and that’s okay. Writing about homeschooling my boys is more about education than motherhood, and writing about my four year old daughter, who has autism, is often much more about special needs and psychology than simply being a mom. So while I will likely still have some motherhood posts, I think my other interests and current focuses are going to begin showing up on my blog as well.

Why did I choose the new name, Her Life + Hormones?

Because SO much of my life is impacted by the highs and lows, presence and absence, abundance and scarcity of hormones! I am affected, perhaps more than most (perhaps not, who knows?) by the fluctuation of hormones. I have had many pregnancies, miscarriages, births, years of breastfeeding, crazy periods, and NOW I am in a lovely stage called perimenopause. lol For the next several years, at the very least, I will continue to be affected by the changes happening in my body. And life will go on! I’m still figuring what and how I want to blog, but I really do want to blog.

What is your focus for blogging? Where are you at in life?

Do you feel like you are in a stage, or about to leave/enter a new one? Let’s talk!

6 thoughts on “Why the Name Change?

  1. Great change. I myself never really did think about my site title, but since it’s vague enough, I just rolled along with it. It started as a diary of sorts and has now evolved into a blog about writing. I guess it’s great to look back and see how I’ve changed. Blogs are great that way. Thanks for this post, Valerie!


  2. I recently divided my blog. I’m writing sort of spiritual stuff on the original and the other is about home-related stuff. I felt the need to have a blog that could be easy and mindless most of the time. I’m in a lot of weird places right now that I mostly don’t write about. That I probably shouldn’t write about and wish I could! Lol

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